Smart Camera Mounts

Versatile placement options

Increase the mobility of your wireless security cameras with a range of camera mounts. Place the mounts in different rooms so you can reposition the cameras depending on your needs.


Full security with one wireless security camera and 4 magnetic mounts

Wireless security cameras are popular for their mobility. The installation process is simple. Some models need to be connected to a base station while others don’t. In either case, once connected to the smartphone app, the cameras are ready to be placed anywhere. So invest in a few more camera mounts and set them around the house.

If you choose to install one wireless security camera in your house, you would want to move it around depending on your needs. Alternate between rooms. Position the camera in the kitchen during the day to keep an eye on your pets. At night, move it to the nursery. Some of these mounts are produced with flexible material so you can twist, turn and mold them to sit sturdily on any difficult spot. If you don't want to tamper with the walls, use the mounts made for desks, countertops, and tables. Their magnetic surface allows you to shift the camera in any direction. You don't need to stack up books underneath or screw it to a wall.

Which mount should you get?

Each mount is designed for a certain range of security cameras. Our collection includes mounts that require temporary or permanent installation. The developers have listened to customers’ desires and created mounts for different purposes. If a camera is magnetically mounted in position, the brands have a whole line of magnetic mounts. Rest assured, all of them deliver on securely holding your camera. So before getting a camera mount, think about the role of the wireless security camera in your home. Do you wish to make it mobile or permanent? Will it be routinely moved to certain rooms or randomly placed?

How to set up wireless security camera mounts

Now that you have decided on the type and location for your mounts, it’s time to set them up. If the mount is built for long-term installation, it will come with screws and/or adhesives. Screw them onto your wall or stick them on the window. At most, you’ll need your own screwdriver and measuring tape for this case. The temporary mounts don’t come with any additional set-up support. Screw the cameras onto these mounts (screws provided) or magnetically attach them. Then, place the duo in your desired location.

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