Smart lamps

Smart lamps

Smart lamps bring smart technology to the independent light fixtures in your home. With the help of the respective app, lights that sit on desks, tables, and floors can benefit from numerous smart features.


What do smart lamps do?

Smart lamps provide intelligent lighting for your home’s independent light fixtures. Perhaps that is a standing living room lamp or a bedside table lamp. Smart home technology is now available in these handy light fixtures. With a touch of your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to make adjustments to lamps that sit in the corner of the room or in another area of the house. From the respective smart lamp app, you’ll be able to:

  • Create schedules
  • Check statuses
  • Develop light recipes
  • Adjust brightness and color
  • Align light with your sleep routine

What are smart lamps best used for?

Smart lamps are flexible lighting fixtures that will compliment ceiling lights or other fixed light sources. They can be a room’s main source of light as well as an accenting, mood-setter. However, due to the range of styles, their uses can vary. Different sizes, shapes, and light configuration will effect the way it integrates into a room. Smart lamps come in two distinct categories - floor lamps and table lamps. Within these two categories there are some distinct styles that achieve a certain look.

Smart floor lamps: These are traditionally recognized as long, independent fixtures that sit in a corner of a room, providing either a bright source of light or just an accentual touch. There are also some designs that have a modern, unique shape that emits light differently. Some have a longer, rod-looking style that resembles a long glow stick. These sit nicely in the corner of a room, using the walls vertex to illuminate the room. Others come in a round ball style that is ideal for mood lighting. Nonetheless, these floor lamps are enhanced with smart features, allowing for various adjustments. Floor lamps benefit from warm, cool, and color temperature alteration and light recipes, allowing you to save your favorite light settings for later use.

Smart table lamps: Table lamps are built to be placed on any elevated surface whether that's a dining table, desk, nightstand or dresser. They're usually smaller in size and have a lesser lumen output. They can also provide direct task lighting if placed on a desk or night stand. Smart table lamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some mimic a classic lamp that's finished with a cover. Others are found in a round or half round shape. These will create light that is similar to candles but can be adjusted to be brighter. They create an even, wholesome diffusion of light thanks to their build that can be both comforting and energizing. Most are LED integrated while others are bulb-powered.

Wired or wireless?

Smart lamps have both wired and wireless options. Wired lamps need to be plugged in at all times to ensure smart functionality. Wireless lamps will usually be in a chargeable form. When charged, you can unplug the lamp to make it a portable fixture. However, although a select number of smart lamps are really built for portability, others will lose smart functionality if they're taken out of the WiFi zone or away from their bridge. Many wireless fixtures are made to be placed and moved around at home.

Can smart lamps help you sleep?

Light has been proven to have a tremendous impact on our sleep. Some smart lamps, especially many of the table lamps have a smart feature to help your sleep cycle. You’ll be able to set the times you wake up and go to sleep and from there the lamp does the rest. Although different brands and styles will differ in this feature, the overarching function will gradually dim light before bed and gradually brighten light when you wake up. Color temperatures will also alternate between warm and cool, either relaxing your body or energizing it for the day ahead. This will help maintain a natural sleeping rhythm instead of relying on startling alarm clocks.

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