Smart Lightstrips

A stylish smart lighting solution

Smart lightstrips bring versatility, flexibility and style to your home lighting setup. They're made up of a flexible band of LED lights that can be placed around your home as a decorative lighting solution.


What is a Lightstrip?

A lightstrip is a flexible circuit board that houses multiple LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The can be placed almost anywhere for creative, colorful and fun accent lighting in your home. Lightstrips are made from bendable synthetics and come with an adhesive backing, allowing you to place them around furniture and other objects. LED lightstrips come in a variety of lengths (anywhere from 8-20 feet) some of which can be cut or extended. Each LED is usually capable of emitting 2200K-6500K in color temperature and around from 1000-2000 lumens. Many smart lightstrips are equipped with color LEDs. This enables each LED to display the whole RGB color spectrum, combining for an array of unique light effects.

How do smart LED lighstrips work?

Most smart LED lightstrips are either controlled via WiFi or a central hub which connects to the respective app. In the app, you can control things like brightness, color temperature, color and more. Some lightstrips have customizable zones, allowing you to adjust-different parts of the lightstrip for unique color combinations. The backside includes a double sided adhesive for mounting. Just pull off the liner and place it where desired.

Best uses for LED lightstrips

LED lightstrips offer a different, more creative lighting solution for you home. They're ideal for accent lighting, backlighting, and decorative lighting. Their flexibility makes them extremely versatile, allowing them to conform to your homes interior design, bringing a colorful outline to your decor.

  1. Under cabinets: If you have a pieces of furniture that could benefit from some extra light, a lightstrip could provide some nice accenting. You can place the strip at the base of the piece, or along side it to highlight its best features.
  2. Behind the TV: Lightstrips can provide subtle backlighting for TV's to enhance your watching or listening experience. Some smart lightstrips will have a feature that allows them to synchronize with the sound, creating an immersive experience.
  3. On the floor: One of the easiest and most useful places for a lightstrip is simply along the floor. Whether that's just lining the bottom of a wall or sitting behind a couch or desk, lightstrips on the floor will provide atmospheric lighting experience. The floor is usually also the easiest place to install a lightstrip.

Are lightstrips waterproof?

Most lightstrips are not waterproof. However, some brands have developed a line of outdoor lightrstrips that have a protective coating allowing them to sit in a garden or backyard area without getting damaged. These outdoor ligthstrips maintain their flexibility and can add ambient light to your outdoor area. Interweave the strip between plants, paths, and outdoor furniture for a lively outdoor feel.

Can lightstrips be cut?

Many smart lightstrips are designed to be cut for better placement. Each LED strip will usually have a scissor or dotted line indicating where to cut. As long as you cut along these highlighted marks, the lightstrip will function normally. After you've cut the strip, you'll need an extra quick-connector or extender to be placed on the newly exposed PC board, which allows for a new electrical connection to be made. Many manufacturers add a connector in the box. However, if you want multiple connectors, you'll usually need to purchase them separately.

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