BR30 smart bulbs

Directional smart lighting

BR30 smart bulbs have been morphed into a more unique bulb shape from its traditional, pear-shaped counterpart. Delivering a different, more directional light thanks to a flatter design, the BR30 smart bulb is an excellent lighting option for larger rooms and hallways.


What is a BR30 smart bulb?

A BR30 bulb stands for ‘Bulge Reflector,’ referring to the bulbs particular shape. Bulge reflectors have a wide, directional beam angle, which means their light output fills a semi large area that maintains a focus, usually over 45 degrees. The number ’30’ represents 1/8th of an inch and describes the diameter of the bulb. To find the diameter of a BR30 smart bulb, divide 30 by 8 resulting in 30/8ths of an inch or 3.75 inches. This will help inform you whether or not the BR30 will fit into a certain fixture.

Best places to use BR30 smart bulbs

BR30 smart bulbs provide a soft-edged, wide flood of light that keeps a focal point. This makes it perfect for many general household light fixtures. Given its flat design, BR30 bulbs are ideal for recessed can lighting and track lighting. This smart bulb will fit perfectly into a ceiling fixture, sitting flush while providing a wide beam of light. In addition, the soft-edged beam from the BR30 are excellent for accenting artwork or architectural design as they don’t cast much shadow.

Features of BR30 bulbs

BR30 smart bulbs provide your home’s biggest rooms with expansive, directional lighting. Smart features will offer more control options and allow for different light settings. Some features that will come in handy are:

  • Schedule setting - Set routines to save money and energy
  • Wide-ranging dimming options - Reading or just relaxing, you’ll always have the right lighting
  • App control - Control your whole lighting via your smartphone
  • Voice control (voice assistant needed) - Hands free control

BR30 Smart bulb options

BR30 smart bulbs will typically come in a tunable white or color option, both with dimming included. Tunable white bulbs are optimal for living rooms and kitchens allowing for a cooler or warmer feel depending on what you are doing and how you are feeling. Color options for the BR30 can be great for hallways and accent lighting, allowing for the creation of a more particular ambiance.

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