A19 Smart bulbs

A19 smart bulbs - the lighting standard

The most common type of light bulb is described in technical terms as the A19. Easily recognizable, the classic pear-shaped design of this traditional bulb has been passed down to A19 smart bulbs, enhancing your home’s general lighting fixtures.


What is a A19 smart bulb?

The classic and familiar ‘pear shaped’ bulb is the A19. An A19 LED smart bulb enhances the traditional, incandescent bulb to include smart features. A19 refers to its overall shape which has been used since the dawn of lighting. ‘A’ stands for ‘arbitrary,’ characterizing the bulb’s generality in usage. The two digits following the ‘A’ describes the smart bulb’s diameter at its widest point, to the 1/8th of an inch. In the other terms, dividing 19 by 8 (or multiplying 19 by 1/8th) will give the approximate diameter of about 2.4 inches. The length of an A19 typically range from 3.9 - 4.3 inches.

A19 bulbs - the lighting standard

A19 smart bulbs can be used for almost any light fixture in your home. Whether you want to install these in your kitchen or living room’s recessed-can lighting or bring these to your bedside table lamp, they can do it all. Unlike the BR30 bulbs, A19 smart bulbs emit light at 360 degree angle since they have no reflectors built in. This means all light is diffused outwardly and evenly. However, some A19 smart bulbs will do this differently than others. Various smart bulb manufacturers have slightly altered the classic shape in some of their A19s so they transmit light differently. A number of them have a flatter design which would be best for recessed lighting or track lighting. Others have maintained the pear-like shape but have been lengthened, ideal for lamps and independent fixtures to get light emitting more upward and out.

What are some A19 smart bulb features?

A19 smart bulbs can transform general light fixtures into a ‘smart’ one. Many A19 fixtures will be independent, usually found in bedrooms and bathrooms. They are also great for accent and mood lighting in bigger rooms. Thus, certain smart features bode well with the A19 bulb for example:

  • Scheduling setting (also for enhanced security)
  • Light recipes
  • Grouping (with multiple smart A19 bulbs)
  • Sunset and sunrise simulation

Wide range of options from the world’s most universal bulb

As the A19 smart bulb is built to replace your home’s general bulbs, there are several options to choose from in relation to brightness, color and output. In respect to brightness and color, smart A19s usually come in three options: dimming, tunable white, or color. Dimming A19s are the most basic option, only allowing you to dim and brighten your light from you phone or tablet. The tunable white will include dimming options as well as a range of warm and cool tones. Color A19s will nearly have the entire color spectrum for a plethora of colors to choose from. As for output, most A19 smart bulbs will have their incandescent bulb equivalent listed. For example, a 10W A19 LED smart bulb will usually say “60W equivalent” to highlight that the brightness will be as much as a 60W traditional incandescent bulb. This also shows the difference in energy efficiency between the smart A19s and the classic incandescent A19s. In addition, brightness can also vary amongst the these bulbs as defined in lumens. Most A19 bulbs will range anywhere from 700 - 950 lumens.

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