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C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb (BR30)


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Main Features

Set the mood in your home with the Full Color Bulb from C by GE. Change up the environment by simply using light. No matter the time of day or situation, create your perfect light and save it to use over and over! This color bulb is a small change that makes a big impact in your home. See your home under a new light with C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Set light schedules
  • Control away from home
  • Support sleep/wake cycle
  • Choose from millions of colors
  • Dim & brighten

Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert

This Full Color Smart Bulb affects not only your mood but your health! Most people look at bright lights right before bed which affects their ability to sleep well. Create the perfect evening light with this bulb and improve your energy level throughout the day! Create preset of lights for different times of the day to maximize your well being. For leisure hours, create the perfect mood no matter the situation or who you are with!

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Product Information

  • Control with your voice: Connect to your voice assistant of choice (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) for the convenience of hands-free control.
  • Choose any color: Create the perfect mood using one of the 16 millions of colors available.
  • Set the perfect scene no matter the event: A different light for movie night, game night, or even party time!
  • Support your sleep/wake cycle: Improve your sleep pattern and increase your energy level through lighting.
  • Adjust from anywhere: Turn on & off, or change the light setting right from the app.
  • Warmest and coolest colors: Tune white light to create warm and cool colors, perfect for energizing during the day, or bedtime.
  • Dim & brighten: Control the strength of any color you choose.

The C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb in action

Setting up the C by GE Color Smart Bulb is a quick and easy process. Connect the bulb to any compatible lamp. Download the app to connect the smart bulb to your home WiFi network. The app provides you with detailed installation instructions as well. Once you're set up, get creative with your lighting and enjoy the many benefits of this smart bulb. The level of light that it produces is of a premium quality thanks to 10W bulb and 700 lumen output. This bulb is made with the top quality GE is known for, meaning it is built to last.

Get energized!

Light affects your sleep cycle. Create a preset for when you wake up and fall asleep. Cool colors allow you to wake up naturally and full of energy. Soft white lights keep you alert throughout the day, warm colors for the evening support your sleep cycle. Forget those sleepness nights that ruin your energy level the next day. Fall asleep naturally and sweet dreams!

Create presets of lights and use them whenever you like right from your app. Whether you're having a calm night with some friends, throwing a party, or cuddling up with a good book. Light affects the environment, create the perfect mood with this Full Color Smart Bulb!

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Expert Reviews
Tested by tink expert
Installation 9

Installation is quick and pairing with the app is a breeze!

Product Quality 9

Excellent quality and materials, as we come to expect from GE.

App/Software 9

The C by GE app gives you a faster and more convenient way to control your smart lights. Set schedules, group bulbs together and create your own personalized lighting scenes.

Functionality 9

Diverse features for your perfect lighting set-up.

Reliability 9

Well developed and manufactured, the bulb meets our expectations.

Design 9

The bulb is well built and with more than 16 million colors available, it can't get better than this.

Data Protection 8

Once paired to your home WiFi network, the connection between your smartphone or tablet and your device is encrypted to keep your data secure.

Value for Money 9

For this many possibilities, this price can't be beat.

Installation is quick and pairing with the app is a breeze!

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Technical details
What voice assistant is this product compatible with?

Connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant!

Can I control multiple bulbs with one preset?

Yes, control a whole room of bulbs at the same time!

Can the lights be set to dim/brighten at specific times of day?

Yes, you can create schedules for colors and brightness right from the app!

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