WiFi Subwoofers

Don't just hear the music, feel it

Subwoofers add a kick to your music and TV entertainment system. Use WiFi subwoofers to hear deep bass and take advantage of what a modern sound system has to offer. Set the subwoofer wherever it can be heard best. Connect it to a reliable WiFi network and enjoy the excellent sound quality produced.


How can a subwoofer improve my home entertainment?

Subwoofers complete your sound system by adding a deep spectrum of sound that produces the lowest range of frequencies. Put yourself in the middle of your entertainment with deep bass levels that get the most out of your favorite music and action movies. Dynamic WiFi subwoofers redefine the experience of home concerts and allow you to enjoy those Netflix binges like never before! WiFi connectivity makes it easier than ever to easily install these speakers, making their complicated predecessors with yards of cables a thing of the past.

Use your smartphone as your remote

Modern sound systems of today don’t require a separate remote as they’re controlled directly from your smartphone or tablet. This lets you easily play music through a variety of music streaming providers, as well as music that’s stored on your listening device. Listen to your favorite tunes beyond your home theater and activate multi-room to connect your speakers with others throughout your house via WiFi. Go from room to room with uninterrupted music.

Features to take your breath away

SONOS offers one of the most unique features to customize your speaker. Use the SONOS iOS Trueplay app to improve your listening experience to adapt your entertainment area to your listening preferences. Trueplay uses the microphone in your iOS device to measure how sound waves are reflected from walls and furniture to optimize how sound is cast throughout the room. Make sure the range of the SONOS subwoofer is heard in every corner and from every couch cushion.

What to watch out for when buying a subwoofer

In order to set up a wireless connection with your television, you’ll need to make sure you get the product’s soundbar to ensure your subwoofer can receive sound from your TV. This includes the SONOS PLAYBAR and Beam, the Harman Kardon Citation Bar and the JBL Link Bar. These devices are required because they have the HDMI input responsible for reproducing the sound from your TV. However, if you simply want to use your subwoofer as a supplement to your music set-up, then the subwoofers can be paired with any of their related devices to add that deep bass you’re looking for.

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