Voice Assistant Bundles

Discover how voice assistants can change your daily routine

“Ok Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen and tell me what I have planned today.” This is all you have to say to simplify the start of your daily routine. Use such commands to control compatible smart devices in your home, check your schedule for upcoming events and get information on weather, news and traffic. All of this and more is possible with voice assistants’ growing database designed to answer every question you throw at it.


What is a voice assistant?

A voice assistant is a software designed to give answers and perform commands that you initiate with your voice. These commands include playing music with streaming services, performing web searches and controlling smart home devices such as smart lights, AC thermostats and much more. The backbone behind this technology is machine learning, responsible for the ever improving system giving you accurate answers to your questions and understanding complex commands.

Who are the main players when it comes to voice assistants?

Currently, the market is strongly controlled by two major voice assistants: Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Both of these smart assistants offer similar services that include controlling your smart home and answering questions with high accuracy. However, each product differs when it comes to specifics related to each company. Here's a short overview of each voice assistant.

Google Assistant

Next to offering basic services otherwise common among voice assistants, Google Assistant’s advantage is in its integration with Google products such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Translate and other related services. Google Assistant is available in the Google Nest, Google Home and other third party speakers, as well as in Google Phones, Android phones, and cars that support Android Auto.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa is your direct connection to Amazon’s shopping, giving you the ability to order products using only your voice. This is especially useful for things that you order on a regular basis, such as dog food. Additionally, get a notification the day your Amazon package is due to arrive and get access to other related amazon products such as Amazon Music. Alexa is available on Amazon’s Echo speakers, third party speakers and the Amazon Fire stick.

What is the benefit of using voice assistants with other smart devices?

Voice assistants show their strength when combined with other devices used to facilitate everyday commands you would otherwise need to initiate with your smartphone or search online. Start playing music by simply saying what song you what to hear. Turn down the temperature in your home by verbally saying the desired temperature. Start a vacuum run with a smart vacuum cleaner and get quick information via the web you need to start your day. Voice assistant devices are compatible with a countless number of smart home gadgets, ranging from smart lights, to smart locks, to smart thermostats. They truly bring together your entire connected home.

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