About Logitech

The Swiss company Logitech has always been at the forefront of the technology world and they’ve certainly utilised this expertise when it comes to the smart home. Their intelligently designed smart home security cameras come packed-full with useful features that allow you to fully control and manage your home security.

Leading, innovative technology

Logitech smart security cameras stream video in 1080p HD quality, giving you a crystal clear picture of your home. An ultra-wide, 180° lens ensures that you never miss a thing, while night vision technology allows you to continue monitoring your home at any time.

Handy accessories for versatile surveillance

The great thing about Logitech is that it also produces smart security camera accessories. This allows you to place your cameras in a variety of different, useful positions. Whether you want to place them high up, low down, on a wall or even on a window, Logitech has you covered.

Watch from anywhere

Combine your smart security cameras with Logitech’s user-friendly app. This opens up a number of useful functionalities and allows you to watch a live feed from your camera. The app’s ‘Smart Alerts’ feature will also keep you notified of any suspicious activities or movements.

Continued surveillance whatever the weather

Some of the Logitech smart security cameras are also fully weather-resistant. They’re built to last, from durable and sturdy materials. This allows you to keep your home monitored and secured throughout the seasons.

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